Lipstick on a Puig

I admit the title isn’t the nicest thing I could post but after the past 2 weeks of being told that Major League Baseball has found the next Roberto Clemente I have decided I can’t take anymore.  Yasiel Puig, is a talented prospect but truth be told he is still a prospect, as of today he has played in 36 MAJOR LEAGUE games and had 156 at bats and well I welcome baseball fans to the new superstar hype.

I am a huge fan of prospects and young players in baseball, I look at how the Nationals,the Rays, the Pirates, the Reds, and Orioles have completely rebuilt their hopes and dreams on young player after young player becoming stars, but at the same time the obsession from fans and media alike has become a bit to much to bear especially now with Mr. Puig.  3 months ago Jurickson Profar was about to be the greatest shortstop ever, now he might be moving to the OF and seemingly nobody outside of Fantasy gurus, Baseball America, and Jon Daniels really cares.  This is how selective baseball fans have become with their obsession with minor leaguers and well it reminds me of a similar obsession with rap stars.

How can a baseball player be like a rapper well it’s a lot more simple than you think?  Mike Trout and Bryce Harper could be compared to Mac Miller and Macklemore well 2 years ago is it safe to say that Buster Posey was Yelawolf.  I think it’s an interesting comparison and if you follow rap and baseball then you totally get where I am coming from, if you don’t let me elaborate.  Yelawolf signed to Shady he was poised to be the next great white rapper; Buster Posey is poised to be the next great catcher he plays for a Giant among baseball but yet for some reason Buster Posey much like Yelawolf doesn’t register much with casual fans, but that Macklemore and Mac Miller are almost all over radio right now. ‘Hi Ariana Grande’

Again how does this have anything to do with Yasiel Puig because simply put Yasiel Puig is baseball’s Trinidad James.  He’s hitting singles, getting you sweating.  He’s making noise and the crowd is loving him but sadly stating Yaisel Puig is on his way to a record setting rookie campaign in about as realistic as saying Trinidad James will be have Jay Z’s career.  Puig is a one hit wonder and once his numbers regress the baseball smart fans will have moved on to the next baseball phenom.  (Byron Buxton anyone) And Espn will be trying to prove that Jacoby Ellsbury really is a power threat.

This is baseball, we do this every 32-36 games and then we sit back and go what happened just ask Brennan Boesch, Mike Olt, Jesus Monterero and Danny Epsinosa they all know too well.