This. Bud is For You

I am quick to admit when I am wrong, and today on August 3rd I am wrong.   When I first heard that the MLB was adding another Wild Card spot.  I freaked out.  I knew this was just Bud and his boys’ way to protect the larger market New York, LA, and Boston to getting a playoff spot.  I am still partially correct, but I also harped on too many playoff teams is bad for pro sports as it will allow mediocre teams the chance to play in the postseason.  Well dumb old me forgot that this isn’t the NFL or NBA when a losing record can slide into a first round match up.  This is still the God of American pro sports and the baseball Gods have smiled on us one more time. 
Last year the last day of the 2011 season had the most amazing 4 hours ever and as we hit the last 2 months of the season the 2012 year could have the most amazing last month ever.  Yes Bud Selig and his cronies were right.  The 2 Wild Card spots have invigorated Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Oakland.  The mighty Red Sox despite all of their issues are still relatively alive, but they would need some major melt downs to get in.  Tampa Bay and the Angels are preseason favorites are still in the thick of it, and yes the Washington Nationals are in first place in August.   Here is the amazing thing of it all the Kansas City Royals are 12 games back from a playoff spot, if they can continue playing as good as they have the last week over the month of August it is feasible they could be 9 games out or less come September.  Last year the St Louis Cardinals were 9 games out in Sept. 
No I am not saying the Royals are going to win the World Series but what I am saying is this Baseball is about to have a pennant race for the ages, and well it appears adding the wild card team is the main catalyst for this.  Now if cities like Tampa, Oakland, and Atlanta would support their playoff hopefuls like Philly and Boston support their cellar dwellers then I might just call Bud a great commissioner, which in today’s world of pro sports is such an anomaly.
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