A Brave Path for 2012

The Atlanta Braves 2011 should be remembered as the greatest meltdown since the WWF career of Adam Bomb, but instead its overshadowed by the joyus Beer and Chickenfest in Beantown, well that and the Atlanta sports media is so enamored with Matt, Mike, and Mark that they couldn’t truly examine what happened in September,  but what is more depressing is that is just the beginning of a long 2012 in the city of Medicore, Mundane, and Morons.
I am a Braves Die Hard I live, eat, and sleep baseball its my 2nd most obnoxious passion to only Pro Wrestling (which is dead) so for me to watch what transpired this past season I saw the writing on the wall back in July.  The Braves offense wasn’t a joke but it wasn’t very good.  Its pitching was splendid and honestly a little too splendid.  Jair was a  Cy Young candidate despite his FIP (suck that smart marks) and Tommy Hanson was looking like a breakout in his 3rd pro season.  Tim Hudson bounced back, D-Lowe was consistent and inconsistent all at the same time and Freddi kept picking up the AT&T Call to the Bullpen.  It was July that I said this bullpen is good but man is he using them a little too often.  Honestly it was like this “a guy consistently uses the I forgot my wallet can you cover dinner the girl says of course well eventually the girl he is with also has no money and then well its time to skip on the tab and don’t worry you weren’t getting laid either way.  Freddi was using his bullpen so much Bobby Cox was getting tired of watching Eric O and Johnny V.  Plus the slump of Jason Heyward was downright frighting.  So this was the good the bad and the ugly.  Now is the Reality

2012 the Atlanta Braves will finish 4th if the Mets are as bad as they look on paper.

I know many Atlanta fans can’t believe a Braves fan thinks this team will be worse than Washington or Florida er I mean MIAMI, but yes I am serious.  The team hasn’t upgraded a single position and there is still a giant blister on the hot corner that just keeps popping up year after year.  If only Chipper and Huddy could get caught with some cheap Southern Whiskey and some fried catfish so Buster Olney might scream about the melt down.  This team is expecting too many bouncebacks from too many hitters that are at the age of not much left.  Dan Uggla is a 240 hitter with 30-32 Hrs that is what he did last year.  Brian McCann is an over worked catcher who had lasik surgery and sadly his decline is coming around the mountain.  Martin Prado is a 290-300 hitter he will improve over last year.  Michael Bourne gets a full year and guess what Freddi doesn’t call steals or hit and runs so don’t expect more than 35 swipes.  Pastornicky could be the greatest slap hitting rookie shortstop since Pat Listach or he could be Rafi Belliard either way don’t expect too much.  Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward are the 2 that will carry but sadly the man that buries the team is the 40 year old DEER HUNTER.  Chipper is a liability, and until someone says its time to go he will keep Favre’ing it just to show us he still got it.

The Braves are rebuilding the fans don’t realize it because Atlanta doesn’t care.  This won’t be a 100 loss team but it will struggle to 500 ball as the Phils, the Fish, and the Nats have upgraded in every way possible while the Braves stayed the course and that is a path of least resistance, and not exactly a positive from a team that blew the Wild Card lead of 8 games in 30 days.  Damn’t it someone get Freddi a bottle Evan Williams in the Clubhouse.  Sorry Atlanta but Kenny Powers said it best