The 6 Million Dollar Mistake

As I return to writing a bit about baseball I hate to start on such a negative topic, but ever since Dayton Moore took out his checkbook and gave Jeff Francouer a 2 year extension I had to shake my head in disdain.
Being a Braves fan I know first hand about the Jeff Francouer illusion, much like a Criss Angel Mind Freak Jeffrey finds a way to make you believe he can be a young JD Drew or but in Reality Jeffrey is Ross Gload with a full time gig. That’s not a slight to Ross Gload either I love Ross Gload because Gload is a GAMER the exact opposite of Frenchy. Nope Frenchy is a cheap watered down store brand French Mustard that someones grandma tries to pass off as Grey Poupon. The mustard gets served on a certain dish and then every family member wants the recipe only to find out the mustard was disgusting it was the partnership of the main course.
Jeff swings at every pitch he has less patience than an ADHD 3 year old, and when told to fix his issues he balks at the notion that he is the issue at hand. Jeff is a picture perfect example of the GENERATION ME. He is entitled; he was a high school super jock in a Georgia High School where nothing is your fault. And now here is Jeff Francouer convincing Dayton Moore that he is finally hitting his prime. He is saying look Royals Fans the past 3 years were anomalies I can really play this game, but the numbers say other wise and by examining his BB/K ratio its evident Jeff Francouer has yet to see a pitch in the dirt he doesn’t like.
Deep down I hope I am wrong I would like to see the hometown kid do a little good with his baseball career but much like another GA product that has hit his ceiling Nick Markakis Jeffrey is nothing more than some by product clogging up Royals Outfield from the more promising Will Myers or Lorenzo Cain. Dayton Moore is notorious for giving money and then wishing he hadn’t and sadly this Investment is as shaky as the Foundation at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Nope Jeff Francouer is not Steve Austin the sci fi hero or the wrestler, but pretty soon his bat is sure to go STONE COLD.