The Joba Rules Part 1

I have not had the chance to really write much lately as I have been consumed with getting my tcareer on track.  I have promised to look at the Joba Phenom or more importantly how to micro manage a superior talent into being a mediocre player.  I have been highly critical of pitch counts since I first heard the word uttered sometime in 2004, but what is being done with Joba Chamberlin that defies all logic period. 
Limiting a pitcher to 100 pitches is somewhat understandable although I feel doing so at the major league level keeps a pitcher from truly learning how to pitch properly.  The Yankees don’t just limit Joba to 100 pitches they limit him to 85 in some games.  Joba Chamberlin was one of the hottest pitchers in 2009 until the MANAGEMENT started micro managing.  A 24 year old starter who is holding teams to 4 or less ER’s in almost every start is pretty impressive yet somehow that isn’t good enough for the Yankees.  Comparing Joba’s numbers to AJ Burnett’s numbers from April to July
Joba had 16 less IP, 6 less Earned Runs, and 16 less Strikeouts.  Which means someone who makes 16 million dollars less was probably just as effective if not more so before the JOBA RULES came into play.
No one is for sure what the Joba rules really are but its hinted that Cashman and perhaps even the Steinbrenners do not want Joba exceeding 175 innings.  Once August hit the Joba rules started.  From April to July, Joba had a 3.59 ERA, the rest of the year Joba had a 7.59 ERA.
This is sad and obviously has affected his confidence. He went from averaging almost 6 innings a start to a little over 4 innings.  In 5 second half games he started Joba went less than 4 innings What the Hell is this little leagues.  Well apparently it is the little leagues. Joba was on the verge of being a legit number 2 or number 3 pitcher but his career was stalled not because he wasn’t pitching well but because SUITS AND TIES said he was pitching too much. Joba was named NEXT in 2007 but its now 2010 and he still has yet to crack 175 IP while other pitchers his age are winning not one but 2 Cy Youngs Joba is being forced to start a game and pitch 3 innings.  The young man is being asked to throw 85 pitches or less.  Could you imagine going on a date and being told your curfew is 9:30 but the guy or girl you are going out with doesn’t get off work until 9 well you got 30 minutes to show us what you got kid.  This is not how to manage a player and the sad thing is its a growing trend not just in baseball but in AMERICA and that will be examined in Joba Rules Part 2.