Calling Reinforcements

Ok so I am a few days behind on this post but its my favorite day in Major League Baseball.  Its SEPT 1.  Forget opening day, screw the all star game, and who needs the play offs when today its 40 man rosters and a chance to scout next years fantasy phenoms.

This year I am looking at a few prospects but my number on guy to watch is

BRETT WALLACE: 3B baseman for the Oakland A’s.  He was the piece that brought Holiday to St Louis, and he is the guy that should give Oakland a hot hitting high OBP 3rd baseman for years to come.  His only draw back is his fielding as well its gold glove caliber which means he can hit. 

 JASON HEYWARD: RF the question is not will the Braves call him up, but how many at bats will he get.  Well with Church, McLouth and Chipper hurting don’t be suprised if the young Ron Gant meets David Justice is batting 5th or 6th by playoff time.  Now will Atlanta fans actually care that he is getting called up is the real question?

MADISON BUMGARNER: SP I can’t wait to see this kid pitch, but with the Giants so close to the Wild Card he may do the David Price, Joba Chamberlin, and Neftali Feliz bullpen duty but either way we know next year him, Timmy, Cain, And Lincecum will be the most feared 4some since Ric Tully Arn and Barry.  Sorry thats the real 4 Horseman.

PEDRO ALVAREZ: 3B Pedro for President, Dictator, Tyrant and the best damn farm hand in a loaded Pirates system.  He can hit, he can barely field, and the only thing standing in his way is a LaRoche brother and Lastings Milledge.  He may not hit .400 on his first tour but think of him as Public Enemy opening up for The Beastie Boys, but its alright to Believe the hype on PEDRO.

SEAN RODRIGUEZ: 2B Just what the Angels need a 2nd baseman with some pop.  If he gets called up look for the 23 year old to split time with Howie DEAL OR NO DEAL Kendrick and add to an already potent Angels offense.  He has 29 homers for the Salt Lake Bees and SeanRod could propel this Angels team to the penant if his power is major league ready.

I could write on this topic all day many of the call ups are veteran major leaguers you already know including Jason Giambi, but I look for the Wild Card teams to push their youngsters into a primo spot and keep an eye on the Yankees Austin Jackson just in case he gets to play of course we all know he won’t be a Yankee on opening day because Cashman will deal him for a known older commodity because thats what he does best.

Also if you’re a Nats person do you want to see Strasberg?  Hit me up on Twitter Thewheeler717 and next blog is in the works