Jeter, Borasshole, and Wild Card




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3 Big topics for the Wheeler to ramble on like
Robert Plant which is funny I am actually jamming out to the new Metalica album
which I think is awesome.  Its been a few
weeks since I broke down the Pirates sell off of 2009 and I have been slowly
getting ready for football and well the Byrd Gang is officially out of the
playoff hunt in fantasy baseball so let me utilize my time constructively,
destructively, and well WILDLY all at one time today.

Derek Jeter perhaps the only Yankee I have liked
since 2000 when it became the Brian Cashman spend-a-thon.  I know hard to believe I liked Mattingly,
Paul O’Neil, Danny Tartabull, Scott Brosius, and many other Yankees throughout
the 90s and even my young days in the 80s. 
You know when the Yankees sucked, and Jeter has been there since late
1995.  Derek Jeter has been a constant
pillar to the Yankees allure and the funny thing is in 1993 I opened a pack of
Topps baseball cards and I pulled out a Future Stars card with a young Jeter
and I looked in my monthly becket mag and saw the card was worth 10 cents.  The card was worth less than a common card of
Jeff Blauser and now Derek Jeter is the all time shortstop hit leader.  I think honestly I am more surprised that so
many good shortstops haven’t hit 3000.  I
guess I always assumed that bigger name shortstops were better than Mr. Captain
and well I was wrong.  Jeter if he plays
4 more years could be the first shortstop to hit 3000; he is a career .316
hitter coming into this season and that will raise with the phenomenal year he
has had.  Now the point of my story  Derek Jeter is the heart and soul of the
Yankees; I knmow it dumbfounds me but look at last year Jeter hit a paltry .300
for him that’s paltry he had 88 runs 69 RBIs and only 25 doubles and guess what
the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs. 
Jeter is just a solid baseball player who delivers when he has to and
people tend to not notice him.  If
baseball was wrestling Jeter would be the Honky Tonk Man, and well Derek thanks
for shake rattling and rolling for so many years. 

Scott Boras is an *******, or as I refer to him as
Borasshole.  Stephen Strasburg is not
worth 30 million dollar bonus.  ARod is
not worth 25 Million. Manny is not worth 24 Million and Matt Holiday better not
get 20 million.  Boras, knows baseball,
but he is forgetting the basics of the game and that is to WIN.  Only 4 teams can truly afford players that
get close to 20mil and no team should risk their entire team payroll on one
college kid not even the Nationals.  The
Nats have been hit with the TJ bug in top prospect Jordan Zimmerman and trust
me they were counting his pitches, unlike the San Diego State pitcher
Strasburg.  The numbers are amazing but
college baseball over uses young arms and many never learn to proper pitch look
at the number of college pitchers that flame out early compared to high
school.  To even propose a kid should
make 20 million bonus is like trying to say Dick Cheney is an honest man it’s
preposterous.  Last year in the draft
Pedro Alvarez went a ******** 2.5 million over slot, and he is more of a can’t
miss prospect than a freaking pitcher. 
Sorry Borasshole you are ruining baseball this is just more of the same
from you perhaps you need an economics class.

The Wild Card race is starting to heat up or well at
least the ESPN people want you to believe that because the beloved Red Sox are
the front runners so that is their angle, but don’t sleep on the Rays just
yet.  They still play the Red Sox and
Yankees 12 more times well we have seen the past few years of wild card races
sometimes they don’t end till the last game of the year.  September is on its way and don’t be
surprised if the Rangers pull this one out with the Rays catching fire and
pulling out the AL East, and don’t worry NL fans your race won’t be near that
interesting it will be the Braves or Marlins sorry Rockies I can’t put my money
on Aaron the Cook and Jason The Marquee Marquis to be enough pitching to put
you in the playoffs.  Nolasco Johnson, and
Volstad are quality but the Braves are getting Tim Hudson back just in time for
a possible 6 man rotation to finish out the season, and trust me Lowe, Vazquez,
Jair, and Hudson is a pretty decent poker hand. 

Well that’s my rambling today be back later this
week with my Keeper picks for next season and the call ups to watch.