The Pirate Ship

Many would think that 17 years of losing would be too much for a team and they would find a way to correct things.  Well this is the Pirates of Pittsburgh, and for some reason since 1992 this is just what they do. 

Oddly enough I am actually going to defend this Fire Sale.  The past 2 seasons the Pirates have dealt 3 all star outfielders, a former Batting Champ Second Baseman, a stellar short stop, their top 2 pitching prospects from 3 years ago, their top closer-set up man, and a productive first baseman that has 30 home run potential. Its an amazing demolish job and when you think of the names Bay, Nady, McClouth, Wilson Sanchez, LaRoche, Snell, Gorzelanny, Grabow, Marte, Hinske, and Nyjer Morgan, you would assume that those names could have somehow pulled out a winning season if they played together, but unfortunately the young pitching forgot how to pitch.  Ian Snell and Tom Gorzelanny in 2006 and 2007 looked on the cusp of greatness, and with Malhom and Zack Duke on the way up that would be 4 quality starters, but that never materialized.  The young outfield of Bay, Nady, and Morgan didn’t happen; instead McClouth became better than Morgan, and then Nady and Bay were dealt.

The ship has had no direction, but now it seems they have an idea; they have a plan.  Pedro Alvarez, started that plan and now they have to make room for the young kids the next Bonillas, Van Slykes, Drabeks, Smileys, and dare we say Bonds.  The cupboard is now full: 18 prospects so far this trade season including Lastings Milledge,  Jeff Clement,  Gorkys Hernandez, Kevin Hart, and Tim Alderson.  Those are top prospects from others system, and last season they added Andy LaRoche, Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, and Craig Hansen.

I am not a Pirates fan, and I know they have done this before; from Jay Bell and Jeff King, to Denny Nagle and Jason Kendall, to Jason Schmidt and Aramis Ramirez; for 17 seasons since I was in elementary school the Pirates have groomed talent and traded talent.   So why is this different?   I promise you it feels different and it looks different.  Not since the Marlins of 1997 have I witnessed a team trade so many starters during the season in an effort to rebuild so quickly.  Pirates Fans be patient you won’t go 20 years without a winning season.


I am Back

I know I wrote a blog hyped another on and been busy doing other things.  So here I am trying to flip between wrestling and baseball tonight and well I am going to cut a promo on 2 people I don’t really care too much for right now.  Manny Ramirez and Matthew Berry.

First Matthew Berry.  Berry is the Dustin Pedroia of fantasy baseball.  So what if the guy won Tout Wars.  Hell give me a bit of free time and constant computer access and no love life and I too could win Tout Wars.  My Matthew Berry disdain started last year when he suggested in an AL only league Ross Gload would be a nice option.  When I already had Ross Gload on my roster for 2 weeks it was then I realized the real MR ROTO was a blow hard with an ESPN job.  Not one time has the Real MR ROTO said anything of any value that I had not already consider or make a comment about to a friend.  Berry is like the guy who hears Buster Olney say something in the car pool and then he uses it as his idea.  You want real fantasy info check out the guys at RAZZBALL or  BaseballHQ these are baseball guys.  Oh and I am a huge mark for FanGraphs.  So Matthew leave your LA LAKER loving tweets to your self I am not buying what your selling because most likely I bought it 2 weeks ago.

Now to Man Ram the CONVICTED CHEATER yes people CONVICTED CHEATER.  Its funny to me how AROD gets outed as a cheater and everyone hates ARoid but Manny actually serves a 50 game suspension and he is cheered more.  This proves my theory that baseball fans especially the casual ones are a bunch of hypocrites.  Manny has hit a career average of .315 how many singles doubles and homeruns were aided by PEDs.  538 career home runs by Man Ram but how many did he hit while cheating the game of baseball.  See if Manny changed his name to Barry and spent most of his career being the best player of my lifetime the judgemental media would be quick to say well Barry may have used steroids.  Manny did use a substance banned by baseball.  Manny Did Cheat.  There is no may have in that sentence, but he’s a fun loving kid just playing a kids game like a kid was.  Please the guy is the 2nd highest paid player in baseball history and for all we know he has been cheating his entire career, but the MEDIA loves him.  The fans love him.  And Bud Selig sees his 2nd largest market selling out every game because of him.  Yes Canseco may have been telling the truth about Baseballs real issue, but as We have learned putting ***** in the seats means cheating is A OK.