The Wheeler’s Love and Hate List

Today I discuss my favorite players, and well my least favorite players.  Just a note this players may not be the BEST players, but I still like them.

My favorite player is Ross Gload.  It started as a fantasy baseball joke that has turned into a number one Fan type thing.  I truly feel Ross could hit .300 if he played every day unfortunately he is now with the Marlins and becoming their super utility guy, but no matter where the Gload man is playing better believe The Wheeler is throwing them 7s up.

I also have this fascination with my trio of pitchers who early this year are struggling but they still my favs, and I am still keeping them on my list.  Francisco Liriano, Edinson Volquez, and Fausto Carmona.
Liriano has the greatest potential of the 3 Aces, but for some reason and this will be a later blog in a few weeks when I have more time to research it he as struggled with command and speed. 

Volquez just reminds me of what made Pedro Martinez so fun to watch in the 90s.  He just comes across as this dominating flame thrower and giving his age he could go down as one of the best for years, but much like Liriano his command has been ungodly bad.  Right before he went on the DL he was walking just as many as he was striking out.

And Fausto, I gave him the nickname the Warlord because well it just sounded good.  The Warlord has also been suffering from command problems but it will work itself out and he will return to 2007 Guranteed.  It just may not be as an Indian.

Last on my list is the player who reminds me of a young Barry Bonds.  The potential to hit 30 30 every season once he gets down the science of base stealing the one and only Elijah Dukes.  Every baseball fan has heard about Dukes off the field issues and unfortunately things like this tend to over shadow the true talents of a player.  Dukes was off to a tremendous start before going on the DL and with Adam Dunn in that line up and Zimmerman hitting like he was the 3 of them were looking like they were about to be an amazing heart of the order.  Dukes should be off the DL soon and I am looking forward to him finishing off the season strong as long as he stays healthy.

Now the following players I loathe can’t stand and really wouldn’t mind if they all were kicked out of Baseball forever.

Arod is my 2nd least favorite player.  I can’t stand him he makes my stomach feel like a lactose intolerant stomach after downing a gallon of milk and 5 shots of Kahlua.  This is all the press I will give Mr Rodriguez, and I am glad he has been ousted as a steroid user.

Dustin Pedroia, never in my life have I been so disappointed in the sports writers of America than last year when MVPedroia won the AL mvp.  To me being a life long baseball fan I just couldn’t believe that someone who didn’t have a 100 RBIS and wasn’t even the best offensive player on his team get an award like the MVP.  It again showed the corporate media bias of baseball and their love for all things Red Sox.  Pedrioa did not take a last place team and make them champs.  Pedrioa did not dominate all season long.  Pedrio didn’t even have the best numbers among AL 2nd Baseman its sad but its true.  Men like Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, and Carlos Quentin meant more to their team getting to the play offs than Pedrioa.  If you took Dustin out of that line up the Red Sox still put up offensive numbers.  MVPs are meant to be special and Dustin Pedrioa is not special.

The Last Player on todays List is Chipper “Larry” Jones.  Chipper and I have had a feud since his rookie year in 1995.  I thought he was all hype and then once he shows his baseball prowess his Hooters Addiction comes out.  And from that point on Larry was public enemy number one.  Sad thing is Chipper knew it.  Every time for almost 10years Larry heard me chant his name at Turner Field and Chipper would crush home run after home run.  One game he even hit 3 while I sat right there at the visitors dug out.  Chipper would shut me up but only till the next game.  It was a feud that will only die when the old man hangs up the cleats and goes off into the sunset or to the nearest Hooters to enjoy a cold beer and some busty blonde that looks like his wife use too.  Oh well thanks for the memories Larry.

And that is the Wheeler’s Love Hate List.  Next Blog we talk a little fantasy and why Matthew Berry is an overpaid Blow Hard.


My First Blog

So this being my first blog I want to state 3 things that get on my nerves about Baseball.

This one will be a major topic of mine. I have done statistical research on pitch counts, as well as learning about the actual mechanics of physical make up of what makes pitchers work. This is my biggest pet peeve in baseball and well it will be discussed on this blog.

Perhaps I am just hating on the best teams in baseball or perhaps I am just sick of corporate America shoving these 2 teams down our throats every chance they get. I am sure if the only foods served in a restaurant were chicken fingers or cheeseburgers well your going to like one or the other or just choose not to eat.

Who cares who did them or who didn’t and no they should not be punished. Do we punish the farmer that puts hormones in his cattle? NOPE!! Do we punish the senator who solicits another man in a bathroom stall? NOPE!!! Do we say anything to the former Vice President who shot another man in the face? NOPE!!!! So why punish some baseball players who took an illegal drug to make more money hell that is the Corporate Way just ask the surviving CEOS of FORTUNE 500 companies.

War The Purple City Byrd Gang on their quest to win my fantasy league.